Jul 31, 2009

Don't get your feelings hurt.

I bring you greetings on this fine morning, my most faithful Peasants.

Last week during my off day, I went to my Mothers Job after I had finished doing my running around. She was about to get off work in the next hour, so I figured I'd go to her job and wait for her to get off in her office. Most of the Co-workers know me and her boss is the coolest. So, my Presence their doesn't bother them. Anyway, before I got to her desk, I went to this food truck to get me something to eat and I got my FAVORITE: Chicken Finger platter with BBQ sauce and it was all laced with Ketchup. They give you PLENTY of fries with it, too, so the food NEVER wears off by dinner time. You eat one of those, you most likely won't eat dinner that night because they fill you UP. So, I'm in the office while my Mother does her job runs (I called her to let her know I was there because she wasn't at her desk when I got there) and I'm in there on the computer net surfing and just messin' around. So, one of her nosy ass co-workers smells my food and comes running in there. We exchange greetings and all that and then she looks at my food with a disgusted face saying "EEEWWW!! I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU AND YOUR MOTHER EAT THAT STUFF!! IT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOU".

*Record Scratch*

I swear to you, it took all I could not to call that woman a bitch...but I took a deep breath silently and said "Well, this food might not be good for me but you turning up your face at a black persons food will get you cussed out" and I said it with the most pleasant smile and so eloquently that she didn't know that I was telling her off. She just laughed and left. Now, this isn't the first time in my life that something like this has happened where somebody wanted to tell me how BAD something I was eating was for me. I got the thing of "if you don't wanna EAT it, DON'T...but don't fuck it up for ME!!". It just so happened that most of the time, these folks with vegetarians. I even got the speech one time about "Do you know what animal your eating?" to which I replied "Yes, I do and it taste GOOD, dammit".

Look, I have a pretty open mind and I'm very tolerable of other folks lifestyles, even though I may not agree with it or I may not do it myself. I've been that way since I was a child. I have the mindset of "do you and I'll do me"....but I LOATHE folks who try to do the Guilt thing with me. I mean, what's up with that shit? I mean, I appreciate you lookin' out and I'll even listen to it..but GOTDAMN!! Just know when, where and HOW to do and say certain shit.....ESPECIALLY about somebodies damn food. You don't fuck with folks food, family or MONEY. That shit'll get you CUT.

Jul 29, 2009

In Other news (That you probably won't see on T.V).........

Black Youth Invents Surgical Technique - at 14

By: Jackie Jones, BlackAmericaWeb.com

Tony Hansberry II isn’t waiting to finish medical school to contribute to improved medical care. He has already developed a stitching technique that can be used to reduce surgical complications, as well as the chance of error among less experienced surgeons. "I've always had a passion for medicine," he said in a recent interview. "The project I did was, basically, the comparison of novel laparoscopic instruments in doing a hysterectomy repair.” By the way, Hansberry is a 14-year-old high school freshman. In April, the brilliant teen presented his findings at a medical conference at the University of Florida before an audience of doctors and board-certified surgeons. Hansberry attends Darnell-Cookman, a special medical magnet school that allows him to take advanced classes in medicine. Students at the school master suturing in eighth grade. "I just want to help people and be respected, knowing that I can save lives," said Hansberry, the son of a registered nurse and an African Methodist Episcopal church pastor. His goal is to become a neurosurgeon. The idea for his procedure developed last summer during an internship at the University of Florida's Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research at Shands Hospital in Jacksonville. Hansberry responded to a challenge to improve a procedure called the endo stitch, used in hysterectomies that could not be clamped down properly to close the tube where the patient’s uterus had been. The teen devised a vertical way to apply the endo stitch and, using a medical dummy, completed the stitching in a third of the time of traditional surgery. “It took me a day or two to come up with the concept,” Hansberry said. He was supervised by Dr. Brent Siebel, a urogynecologist, and Bruce Nappi, administrative director of the Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research. Hansberry’s discovery won second place in its regional science fair in February 2009 in the medical category. Education experts say youngsters as young as 10 can experience great achievement at an early age if their thirst for knowledge is encouraged and they are given opportunities to shadow professionals and get internships. Also, a rigorous study schedule that also builds in some recreation is key. High school internships and other programs are being used by educators to boost the number of young people interested in medicine in the face of projections that there will be a doctor deficit of as many as 200,000 physicians by 2020. "It's not hard if you have a passion for it," Hansberry said. Angela TenBroeck, the medical lead teacher, said in many ways, Hansberry is a typical student, but, she told the Florida Times Union that he is way ahead of his classmates when it comes to surgical skills. "I would put him up against a first-year med student," she said. "He's an outstanding young man. And I'm proud to have him representing us."

Jul 25, 2009

Lil Fuckers.

As much as I love my house and the memories that I've had in it from the time I was brought home from the hospital, I sometimes wish that we didn't live here. Aside from a certain house of neighbors and all manner of blue eyed fuckery that they've given to the block with their presence, behind our house there are train tracks. With train tracks comes a lot of nastiness. The main thing this nastiness attracts are these little visitors below.

Lately, they've been getting a lil bold around these parts. I mean, there can be a house full of people here and them lil bastards can just pop out and be like "SURPRISE, MUTHAFUCKAS!!". God forbid somebody is here and they're scared shitless of them. Now, While I don't like them, I'm not afraid of them. I've had many run ins with them in my growing up, as I'm sure most of us have. I had one last night while I was sleeping with one in my trash can and when I turned on the light, the little fucker winked at me and then ran off. There was another night where I was sitting typing on my computer in the winter time and felt one run up my leg. Those are only 2 of the many experiences I've had with them but you get the point. I have to say, I don't know WHY people are so scared of them, even though I understand it. I just have to remember that more times often than not, they're more afraid of me than I could ever be of them. I'm a giant compared to them and all I gotta do is squash the lil fucker with my foot. Cats are outta the question because I live with my Mother and she's allergic to them...not to mention terrified to high hell of them. So, we'll just stick to the sticky ass traps. Which reminds me, the next time I go out, I have to stock up on em'. So, if you see millions of people from PETA protesting in front of a Lil house in Philly because a tall skinny black man has be accused of Animal Cruelty for feeding a mouse to one of the many stray cats round here, don't be surprised.

Jul 24, 2009

The Highest Level of Pissivity.

If you've been reading my blogs regularly, you know how I feel about bathrooms that ain't the one I have in my house. I HATE them. Even down my families house, I won't go to their bathrooms unless I'm desperate to high hell no matter HOW bad I have to go. I've been that way since I was a kid. So, today, at work, I was desperate to high hell after Lunch. I tried not to eat so much but hell, breakfast wore off from this morning. Not to mention all the snacks I had during the course of the day. Keep in mind, I've been to this bathroom before and it was TERRIBLE. I've vowed never to go back in there EVER but today, I saw the janitors go in there and clean it. I went RIGHT in after him and I'm like "Maybe it won't be so bad". WRONG. I open the door and it was like a million years of piss and shit that have been saturated on the toilets, the walls and EVERYTHING hit me in the face. I damn near fainted and went to glory first class. I told the janitor "Whatever y'all usin' to clean these bathrooms ain't workin'." He then said "Tell that to the cheap ass administration". Needless to say, I held it till I got home 5 hours later and damn near broke the door down getting in. All My Mother could do was shake my head at the sight of her 6'2 140lb child running into the house and up to the bathroom with his book bag on his back. It's a shame I can't find a clean bathroom anywhere in this city but my house...and a few friends and family members. I don't know why I expected such anyway.

Jul 23, 2009

I see why I'm childless.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm tempted. I'm Tempted to high hell to grab some of these kids, take of my belt and beat the FUCK outta them to high hell until they don't know left from right, up from down, and that they are tasting their brains in their taste buds. I'm not just talking about LIL kids, either. I'm talking about Preteens, Teenagers...hell, even some GROWN ass kids. I'm sick of the disrespectful lil bastards who just don't have no fear for NOBODY because they Mama or Daddy (if they even know who the fuck that niggum or pilgrim is) ain't put it in em'. I see it all the damn time. They come out their mouth with the most disrespectful shit and do the most off the wall shit that I wouldn't DARE try in my lifetime. CURSE THE MUTHAFUCKAS WHO COINED THAT "CALL THE COPS IF YO' PARENTS WHOOP YOU" LAW! They fucked it up for ALL of these future generations. Now, Granted, some kids don't need it. I was one of them...but MOST of these fuckers need to get their brains beat in just ONE damn time by their parents or Guardians. Hell, if THEY don't do it, the fuckin' COPS will. I swear, I just wanna go up to em' and just do this:

Ok. I feel better now that I got that off my Chest.

*Switching to Happy Mode*.

How y'all doin'?

Jul 21, 2009

He's Sorry...AGAIN.

In February, We got how sorry and saddened he was. Recently, we’ve gotten this.

Now, I’ve never blogged about this situation when it first happened because I never had to. Everybody was doin’ it left and right for me. I’ve just stated my views on blog comments and on you tube video’s about this and that was it. Needless to say, I’ve gotten a lot of shit about my views on men hitting women and women hitting men, MOSTLY from females (and males) who have been abused, seen it and are still bitter about it and from people who are over 30 that have never heard of either Chris or Rihanna until this shit hit the media. It’s my belief that neither of them should hit each other because I was brought up that way.

Now, I have to say that whether what was said in the video was read off a teleprompter or not, I really think Chris is truly remorseful about what he did and he wishes he could take it all back. I give dude props for even apologizing publicly because he really doesn’t owe the public an apology for ANYTHING. He owes it to Rihanna and that’s it. It’s obvious that she BEEN forgave him because the both of them are still friendly. If it was ME, I woulda just did my time and that was it. Hell, you ain’t see Mike Tyson tell how sorry he was for whopping’ Robin Givens ass and James Brown never said how sorry he was for slappin’ females left and right. Hell, Jay-Z has yet to apologize for THIS shit.

Now, in no way am I condoning domestic violence. I hate it and I’ve seen it first hand myself, not in my household but from people I know. I’m just sayin’ that even if you can’t forgive the ACT, we should at LEAST forgive the person. People change, right? So, Chris and Rihanna, if you’re reading this, I wish you both much success, not stress and lot’s of happiness. Just do what you’re supposed to do and entertain the masses with your singing, dancing and acting. This whole thing will be an after thought very soon. I also Challenge us as a people to stop putting entertainers on Pedestals so when they fuck up in the heat of the moment, we're not so shocked about it. For Christ sake, they are HUMANS, NOT FUCKIN' ROBOTS!!! They're humans with a lot of money (well..some of them have a lot of money) and they do stupid shit like those of us who ain't famous. The difference is, they're constantly documented in the media and half the time, it's to crucify them and sabatoge their careers. Sure, we can say "they should think before they act" and that they should....but shouldn't WE?

Now, if Chris does this AGAIN, he can kiss his career goodbye.

Jul 20, 2009

Sinus infections are a BITCH.

"Basically, I have an issue with not knowing when to say enough is enough, so last night in Manchester, my body said it for me. I got on stage energized and ready to go, even tho for the last 5 days I’ve been dealing with a sinus infection. I paid it no real mind, and kept on going, like I always do. My voice couldn’t take it. From the first song I knew something was wrong. I shoulda stopped there, but I come from a school where no matter what, the show must go on. It wasn’t until about 4 songs in that I came to the painful realization that my voice was done, literally nothing left, and that I would have to stop the show.

Now let me explain something to you:
When I say this music, that stage, my fans, THIS is my life, I’m not saying it cause it sounds good in a sound bite. THIS IS MY LIFE!! Not much else matters to me, honestly. My music, my family and the people that appreciate my music…..the fans. THAT’S ABOUT IT!! I’ve never had to stop a show, never dreamed I’d ever have to. So when I had to walk out on that stage and tell 12,000 of the people responsible for making me who I am that I could not perform for them, it literally broke my heart. I cried harder than I have in a very long time with no shame whatsoever.

To anyone out there that would like to question my manhood because of this I’ll say this to you:
If the one thing you cared about more than anything else in the world was threatened or even taken from you, if you knew that the people you cared for the most you had to disappoint and it was your fault… and this didn’t spark some kind of emotional outbreak within you…then with no shame I’ll say you are truly a stronger man than I.

To the people of Manchester, know that I love you and I thank you for being so understanding and supportive. And I promise you that you will receive the show deserved.
Thanks to the fans for the love and concern.

And to the bloggers….go to hell."

Now, as a singer, I feel this guy. Singing with any kind of ailment, whether it be a sinus infection, a toothache, a headache...or ANYTHING is not the bizzness..at ALL.

Jul 18, 2009

Such a Gamble.

I'm the kind of person who will try to understand something that I don't if it really strokes my interest. So, maybe somebody could explain to me that attraction to gambling. I've heard all the reasons as to why one would do it but the biggest one I've heard would be the Thrill is in the risk taking. I've been to the casinos a few times in my life and, while the scene was fun, I actually didn't really like it much. I won some money (Won't tell you how much because it ain't none of ya damn business) but I didn't really enjoy it too much. I mean, I enjoyed it but it was kinda like "This is IT?!". People have hyped up casinos so much that I was expecting it to be the greatest thing since your first orgasm.

I've seen folks loose house and marriages over ones gambling. It's like a DRUG. Once you start, you can't stop without some serious will power and maybe a class. Then again, there are the ones who just do it for fun and they know their limits. Don't even get me started on the lottery players. Yup, I know those, too. Got plenty of em' in my family. They'll take their LAST cent and go play the numbers. The most I do are the Scratch offs and I don't even do those often. I was taught that gambling lives up to it's name. You gamble the chance that you loose and you gamble the chance that you'll win. I'm more about SURE money. When I go to work and get paid, I'm SURE I'm gonna get that shit in my bank account and I can work with that.

So, whats your take on Gambling? Do you do it? HAVE you done it? You know people who do or have done it? Talk to me, Good people.

Jul 11, 2009

Always gotta show your ass.

OK, Ladies and Gentlemen.

A while ago, I went for a walk to the corner store. As I'm coming out, I see this dude and this Girlfriend. Now, I know dude from around the way since I was a kid but I don't fuck wit him like that. He's one of those insecure about himself types and he always gotta brag about his shit. Nobody really likes him. Anyway, I see him and his girl (Who is a SEXY ass biggum...but I digress) on a motorcycle as I come out the store. Well, he's stopping at the stop sign to talk to somebody in a car and I'm about to cross the street. Low and Behold, I'm seeing this:

The difference between this picture and what I saw was it was a pleasure to look at. Anyway, he's in the midst of his conversation and She sees me admiring her assets with a big ass smirk on my face. She turns around and notices me and I just gave her the lil signal with my head like "Take care of that". She turns around to her ass and did the lil Ooops thing with her mouth. You can tell she was kinda embarrassed about it. So, she gave me a "Good lookin'" wink and I just smiled at her and left. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell she was doin' in that lil pussy tight dress in this weather with no panties on...but hey, more power to her.

In this situation, this girl was nice to me. But I'm sure that we all know, that that isn't always so in all cases. I've heard the stories about how women be on motorcycles with the pussy tight dresses on and the coochie cutter shorts on and when a dude looks, she gets an instant additude. I've blogged about this kinda subject before...but again I ask: If it's OUT there, WHY GET MAD?! I mean, seriously, if you showin' it, expect some looks. Obviously, that's what you wanted, right? So take it to the chin and suck it up. You a big girl, right?...and I mean GROWN UP!

Jul 8, 2009

My Ass ain't touchin' THAT.

Today's subject is something that many people have blogged about numerous times. That subject is using a bathroom that isn't yours, whether it be a public bathroom or the bathroom of a close acquaintance.
As a little boy, I was always a careful person. Now, don't get me wrong, I've done my share of things that WEREN'T so careful but for the most part, I usually thought about the outcome of certain things I did. I used to analyze EVERYTHING. Come to think of it, I still do. Hell, My Daddy used to be a cop and my Mama is just nosy as hell. I think I inherited those things when it comes to analyzing. I can pretty much analyze the SHIT outta anything that I want. Bathrooms are no different. I've always been uncomfortable usin a bathroom that wasn't mine, even if it was over a family members house. There's just something about using a toilet that ain't mine that make me unsatisfied, no matter how clean it LOOKS. First off, I have to consider the people using it, ya dig? So public bathrooms were almost out for me. You don't know WHO'S ass sat on it. For all you know, you might sit on it and catch somebodies hemorrhoids or something. I'm just sayin'. This is why I often have to wonder how folks can use a bathroom that ain't theirs comfortably. I will almost always NEVER use a bathroom that ain't mine..but sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. Just not to long ago, my good Childhood friend came over to put the finishing touches on his resume. He came in with a bag from KFC and apparently, it must been good to him. This is the same dude who used to spend all day, every day down my house. Hell, he was like one of us. He ate all the food and practically lived at my house. He just slept at the house with his Mama and 2 sisters...and sometimes, he wouldn't even do THAT. Well, anyway, he got finished eating and went to the bathroom downstairs in the basement in order to not wake up my Mother. So, I'm lookin' over the shit he typed just to make sure he spelled some things correctly and then I hear the toilet flush. THEN, I hear air freshener. *Blank Stare* then, I hear the toilet fill up and then I hear him flush it again. *LONGER blank Stare*. Then he came upstairs like everything was all good. I just looked at him like "Niggum, NO you didn't just shit in my bathroom". He saw the expression on my face and said "What? I at least I washed my hands". This isn't the first time he's done this to SOMEBODY. He does it all the time at peoples houses. Now, I know when you gotta go, you gotta go..but DAMN! Don't even get me started on the family members that come here. *SMDH*

Now, the toilet in my basement is one of those lil CUTE small toilets. Now, I'm tall and skinny and can hardly fit one ass cheek on the thing. So, can you imagine some of the more *Ahem* plumpish people sitting on that thing? Just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about when I say CUTE toilet, this is it.

Y'all get the picture now? Anyway, to all of you who can shit and piss all Willy nilly on any toilet, I take my hat of to you। I don't know how you DO ITbut GOD BLESS YA! If I can help it, the only toilet that I'm using is MINE...and MINE ALONE. Now, if I ate something that goes through me, all bets are off.

It all comes back.

If it's one thing I've learned in my 22 years on this earth, it's to be careful how you treat people. My Mother and my Grandmother (God rest her soul) taught me this lesson from when I was a little boy and reminded me of this when all through my upbringing. Even as a grown man, My Mother STILL tells me "You reap what you sow" and I can still hear Granny's words SO clear that said "Baby, life is like a bank. What you deposit, you'll get it back out". I see some people were never taught this lesson as a child and even if they WERE, they don't believe it. I guess that's why they're so surprised when they get out out negativity, they get the same thing back. It might not be today, tomorrow, next week or even next year...but it ALWAYS comes back. You can call it God's Will, Karma, Life's Boomerang, etc. WHATEVER you call it, it's all the same thing.

When I see folks who are ALWAYS puttin' out negativity and they get it back, I smile..life the fuckin' Joker. It's against my Religion to take joy in ones misery but when you put it on yourself, I feel NO sympathy for you. AT ALL! I'll be the one to remind you of the shit you did when you say you don't understand why all this bad stuff is happening to you. Now, that's not always the case. Sometimes, shit just happens and we do nothing to deserve it. It's just bad luck...or what I like to call Life's Pop Quizzes. You might not have studied for it but it's there like "TEST TIME!!! let's see if you'll get an A+". Y'all know what I'm talkin' bout. But most times, the shit that happens to us, good or bad, are often results of our own doing. Some of you who are always playing the "Blame Game" may not receive that because being the victim is a lil bit too comfortable for you and you don't wanna take responsibly for you own shit. That's cool. Wallow in your depression for as long as you live. I could care less. As for me and MY house (that I don't even OWN yet...but I'm speaking it into existence), Accountability is a BIG priority and a must. Say you fucked up and do all you can to unfuck it up. If it can't be unfucked up, then just deal with the consequences like a grown ass man or a grown ass woman. Just remember, more than likely...YO' ASS DID IT TO YOURSELF!

Jul 7, 2009

Too Damn Happy

I love people who are just naturally happy. I think it's a wonderful thing to always have a smile on your face and to always have a cheerful spirit. I love people like that with all my heart and I envy them to some extent because I'm not all the way there. I'm HALFWAY there but not all the way. I'm working on it.

But I have to say this:


Yeah. I said it. There are just too fuckin' happy for their own good. I'm sure you know some people like that. I've worked with them for a minute. There's nothing WRONG with a person being happy but sometimes, that shit gets annoying. I mean, the folks who just are always smilin' like the fuckin' Joker and they're always so bouncy. Hell, there was a girl I worked with who would just skip into the work place early in the gotdamn morning when the rest of us would be draggin' in there. I'm not a morning person, so maybe that's kinda why I'm always very skeptical around folks who are as happy as R. Kelly at a high school cheer-leading competition in the morning. It's not just in the morning, though. I can't explain it...but I'm sure y'all know what I'm talkin' about. You have to wonder if some of these people are on that blue pill magic. If they drink COFFEE, they need to switch to Decaf or drink LESS of it. Too much caffeine will kill you any-damn-way.

Still, You gotta love em'.

Jul 6, 2009

What's in a name?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet world, I come to you in a spirit of just pure amazement.

As the tittle suggest, this blog is about names. Lately, I've noticed that people having children recently have been trying to come up with some creative names for their children. Come to think of it, this is nothing new considering some of the names our Grandparents and Parents have. But these days? The names of our children are becoming more ridiculous with every baby that pops out the birth canal. I understand that parents want their children to have their own uniqueness and their own identity but the lengths that they go to I simply cannot FATHOM! I simply feel sorry for any child with a name that sounds like silverware or that sounds like some shit that you catch after you get burnt while just finishing a one night stand. This is coming from somebody who considered naming their Daughters Shaniquah and Ashinkashay (I told my Mother that Ashinkashay name as a joke to see what she'd say. She told me she kick the Holy Hell outta me if I did that). I've since grown up from that way of immature thinking. I won't get into some of the Crazy names that I've heard in my lifetime but I think you can understand where I'm coming from.

I challenge all the parents of Today to STOP THE MADNESS! I mean, you hear a child's name and the first thing that you think of is STRIPPER. Black folks have always been creative with our names. It's just in our nature..but I feel that we just go TOO damn far. At LEAST let it be a name that a teacher can pronounce, remember and SPELL. Stop it with all these damn fake ass African names and Assalamu Fakekum names. It will save a child much embarrassment on the School yard and on the job. YA DIG ME?

Amazement Rambling completed.

From Bad Boy to Islam, Boy!

DAMN!!! I was WONDERING what happened to this dude. He came and went so damn FAST!!!

So, that makes 2 of Diddy's rappers that found religion. What he hell is Diddy DOING over @ Bad Boy?! He can't seem to keep nobody for more than 2 fuckin' albums!!!

Jul 4, 2009

Rambling: So smart you're a dumb ass.

I swear, The longer Live, the more I'm amused by some folks. I really am. I'm more amused by the folks who think they know every damn thing. The tripper is, they take folks not arguing with them or folks just being silent as evidence that they "shut it down". While that may be the case SOMETIMES, other times it's just that in their minds they figure "I'm not gonna argue with this dumb ass because it's no use". You can't argue with anybody who thinks they know everything and quite honestly, it's very taxing & it's waste of good energy that you could be using doing something USEFUL. Arguing with a dumb ass is like having sex without bustin' a nut. It's a waste of fuckin' time and it will make you mad at yourself for waisting your fuckin' time.

It's hard as hell NOT to sometimes but it's really not. Just don't say shit and let them look like an asshole from afar. You probably won't be the only one who thinks what you think about them. They'll figure it out once nobody wants to be around their ass. Still, they make for good entertainment. Sometimes you need a laugh..and Lord knows, I need all the ones I can get. They say laughing makes you live longer. I'm trying to live as long as I POSSIBLY can.

Tatted to the highest level of fuckery.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have no problem with folks that have multiple tattoo's. I happen to think they are beautiful. But the thing is, as with all things, not everybody can pull it off, especially those of us who have a dark complexion. Even if we WERE to get multiple Tattoo's all over, there are certain ones that would not fit our features. And that's not just with Dark people. It's with people who are white, brown, Purple, green and RED. Case in point:

This THING (From the comments I've read on this picture, its a woman) decided to get Baby Phat tattooed on her ass with strawberries on each cheek. While the CONCEPT may have been sexy and the picture of the ass she might saw this on mighta been a pleasure to look at, she decided that "If THAT heffa can do it, I can too". NOOOOOO, BOOOO!!!

If I have to be my last amount of money, she probably didn't tell nobody she was doing this and wanted to surprise her man..or her WOMAN. Hell, for all we know, they other party probably ENJOYED the shit. At least she had that good sense to make sure it was at a place where the sun don't shine or set. For THAT I give her credit. Now, those of us who have tattoo's know that the healing process is a BITCH and it itches like HELL. Imagine having a tattoo of THIS magnitude of fuckery on your ass. Enough said....but hey, GOD BLESS HER.

Another thing, if you gonna at LEAST get a tattoo, at LEAST make sure the shit LOOKS professional. That shit looks like it was done by an amateur...or maybe it was the Cigarette burns and ass acne on her ass cheeks that made it look like that? Iono.

Jul 3, 2009

The Dirtiest Word of All

I come from a long life of what I call Cussin’ Christians. Saved, Loved the Lord and all that but had no problems cussin’ you out in the name of Jesus. That may sound backwards to some people but it is what it is. I was raised around it and I inherited it, whether I wanted to or not. They could make up some words that you’d NEVER heard of and it made sense. So, hearing the words “Bitch”, “Muthafucka”, etc. doesn’t bother me like it does some folks. Some people call it dirty words but I don’t see it that way. Not that I would use those words in a professional setting or anything like that but it just seems like those words have no effect on me. I’ve heard it since I was brought home from the hospital and continue to hear it every day from family members and folks in my inner circle. I was always taught that words give them power over you if you let them. I didn’t always believe that, being a child as sensitive as diaper rash, but as I grew older, I finally got that revelation. I have to say, though, there is one word that I despise with a passion and most people, even those who don’t cuss, say it all the time. It’s even a word that I’ve said for most of my life and I’m making an effort to eliminate it from my vocabulary. To me, getting called this word is worse than getting your ass whooped as a child and it’s right up there with being spit on.

What word is that you ask? It’s THIS one. STUPID.

It’s a simple word to some but that word has broken many folks spirits and has caused more trauma than being called anything else on this round earth. It concerns me because it’s a word that is thrown around all the time and not given a second thought. “He’s so stupid”, “she’s so stupid”, “that’s stupid”, etc. You get the point? I even hear that word spoken to children from their parents or any other adult in their lives. If you were anything like I was for most of my childhood, that word could change your day and fuck it up to high hell. I happen to believe that NOBODY is stupid on this earth, in spite of what they do. We may do stupid THINGS and ask stupid QUESTIONS but nobody is stupid. As I’ve said before, I hear this word thrown in the direction of children and it hurts my heart because most children are impressionable. They believe anything that any “adult” says and if they’re constantly being described as such, they grow up thinking that they are, especially if it’s all they hear. Just my opinion anyway.

Let's End This....RIGHT NOW!!!

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There seems to be a misunderstanding with the definition of the world "Hustle". So, I'd like to clarify that to the best of my ability and I hope that you'll get a CLEAR understanding of what it means.

A Hustle is something that you do in ADDITION to your regular 9-5 job, if you have one. Many people CONFUSE a hustle with a regular 9-5 job, whether that 9-5 is legal or not. If you do it damn near every day and do NOTHING else BUT that and get paid for it, it's a JOB!!! NOTHING ELSE. Whether it's selling drugs, DJ'ing, baking cookies..WHATEVER. It doesn't matter WHERE it's done...and yes, this includes folks who get a check for disablities, whether it be mental or physical, and folks who get retirment checks.

Get it? Got it? GOOD.

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In the recent months, I've been seeing so much displays of public almost-Fucking that it's not even funny. It almost always happens when I'm going through a drought of some sort but I digress.

On June 25th, 2009, I went out with my Mother to run some errands when she was off work. I got some shit for me, too. Hell, I needed it and I deserved it. Anyway, We sat down to get something to eat in the food court of this place Called "The Gallery". It's the hot shopping spot in Philly and most of the young kids go there, mainly when they cut school. Needless to say, it was right around the time school was letting out, so we tried to get outta there as quick as possible because it's always some shit goin' down in there. The stuff you would see would make a damn BLIND man shake his head. Anyway, I'm sitting down eating the food I got from Burger king and 2 girls (one of which actually looked like a dude) were in line to the KFC place right next door to the burger. Why did this girl slip her hand down the other girls pants and get a feel of the pussy....IN PUBLIC? She had her hand their for at LEAST 2 minutes and you could see her rubbing.

Now, my Mother saw everything, as did I, and she said "DAMN!!! She all in the crack of her ass!! Don't nobody wanna see that shit"...and she said it LOUD, too. Everybody was lookin' at us. I was "Ma, shut up!!" She was like "Why I gotta shut up? They should wait until they get home to do that shit!!". By this time, they lookin' @ us and you can tell they felt some type of way they got called out. Needless to say, they ain't say nothin' because they woulda got a Mother/Son ass whoopin' had they did. I woulda took the manly looking one and Mama woulda took the Woman looking one. They left and I just looked @ my Mama and shook my head. She was like "What? they wanted to say somethin'? I wish that heffa would". I SWEAR I love my Mama...but I can't take her NO WHERE.

Poppin' The Cherry.

Time to De-Virgitize my blogspot page.

So, I was over on wordpress for a minute and it just wasn't do it for me no more. I couldn't do everything that I wanted to do with a page over there. So, Here I am. If you've followed my blogging from wordpress to HERE, nothing will change. Still the same shit...just a different page.

Let's MAKE IT!