Jul 11, 2009

Always gotta show your ass.

OK, Ladies and Gentlemen.

A while ago, I went for a walk to the corner store. As I'm coming out, I see this dude and this Girlfriend. Now, I know dude from around the way since I was a kid but I don't fuck wit him like that. He's one of those insecure about himself types and he always gotta brag about his shit. Nobody really likes him. Anyway, I see him and his girl (Who is a SEXY ass biggum...but I digress) on a motorcycle as I come out the store. Well, he's stopping at the stop sign to talk to somebody in a car and I'm about to cross the street. Low and Behold, I'm seeing this:

The difference between this picture and what I saw was it was a pleasure to look at. Anyway, he's in the midst of his conversation and She sees me admiring her assets with a big ass smirk on my face. She turns around and notices me and I just gave her the lil signal with my head like "Take care of that". She turns around to her ass and did the lil Ooops thing with her mouth. You can tell she was kinda embarrassed about it. So, she gave me a "Good lookin'" wink and I just smiled at her and left. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell she was doin' in that lil pussy tight dress in this weather with no panties on...but hey, more power to her.

In this situation, this girl was nice to me. But I'm sure that we all know, that that isn't always so in all cases. I've heard the stories about how women be on motorcycles with the pussy tight dresses on and the coochie cutter shorts on and when a dude looks, she gets an instant additude. I've blogged about this kinda subject before...but again I ask: If it's OUT there, WHY GET MAD?! I mean, seriously, if you showin' it, expect some looks. Obviously, that's what you wanted, right? So take it to the chin and suck it up. You a big girl, right?...and I mean GROWN UP!