Jul 3, 2009

The Dirtiest Word of All

I come from a long life of what I call Cussin’ Christians. Saved, Loved the Lord and all that but had no problems cussin’ you out in the name of Jesus. That may sound backwards to some people but it is what it is. I was raised around it and I inherited it, whether I wanted to or not. They could make up some words that you’d NEVER heard of and it made sense. So, hearing the words “Bitch”, “Muthafucka”, etc. doesn’t bother me like it does some folks. Some people call it dirty words but I don’t see it that way. Not that I would use those words in a professional setting or anything like that but it just seems like those words have no effect on me. I’ve heard it since I was brought home from the hospital and continue to hear it every day from family members and folks in my inner circle. I was always taught that words give them power over you if you let them. I didn’t always believe that, being a child as sensitive as diaper rash, but as I grew older, I finally got that revelation. I have to say, though, there is one word that I despise with a passion and most people, even those who don’t cuss, say it all the time. It’s even a word that I’ve said for most of my life and I’m making an effort to eliminate it from my vocabulary. To me, getting called this word is worse than getting your ass whooped as a child and it’s right up there with being spit on.

What word is that you ask? It’s THIS one. STUPID.

It’s a simple word to some but that word has broken many folks spirits and has caused more trauma than being called anything else on this round earth. It concerns me because it’s a word that is thrown around all the time and not given a second thought. “He’s so stupid”, “she’s so stupid”, “that’s stupid”, etc. You get the point? I even hear that word spoken to children from their parents or any other adult in their lives. If you were anything like I was for most of my childhood, that word could change your day and fuck it up to high hell. I happen to believe that NOBODY is stupid on this earth, in spite of what they do. We may do stupid THINGS and ask stupid QUESTIONS but nobody is stupid. As I’ve said before, I hear this word thrown in the direction of children and it hurts my heart because most children are impressionable. They believe anything that any “adult” says and if they’re constantly being described as such, they grow up thinking that they are, especially if it’s all they hear. Just my opinion anyway.

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