Jul 31, 2009

Don't get your feelings hurt.

I bring you greetings on this fine morning, my most faithful Peasants.

Last week during my off day, I went to my Mothers Job after I had finished doing my running around. She was about to get off work in the next hour, so I figured I'd go to her job and wait for her to get off in her office. Most of the Co-workers know me and her boss is the coolest. So, my Presence their doesn't bother them. Anyway, before I got to her desk, I went to this food truck to get me something to eat and I got my FAVORITE: Chicken Finger platter with BBQ sauce and it was all laced with Ketchup. They give you PLENTY of fries with it, too, so the food NEVER wears off by dinner time. You eat one of those, you most likely won't eat dinner that night because they fill you UP. So, I'm in the office while my Mother does her job runs (I called her to let her know I was there because she wasn't at her desk when I got there) and I'm in there on the computer net surfing and just messin' around. So, one of her nosy ass co-workers smells my food and comes running in there. We exchange greetings and all that and then she looks at my food with a disgusted face saying "EEEWWW!! I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU AND YOUR MOTHER EAT THAT STUFF!! IT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOU".

*Record Scratch*

I swear to you, it took all I could not to call that woman a bitch...but I took a deep breath silently and said "Well, this food might not be good for me but you turning up your face at a black persons food will get you cussed out" and I said it with the most pleasant smile and so eloquently that she didn't know that I was telling her off. She just laughed and left. Now, this isn't the first time in my life that something like this has happened where somebody wanted to tell me how BAD something I was eating was for me. I got the thing of "if you don't wanna EAT it, DON'T...but don't fuck it up for ME!!". It just so happened that most of the time, these folks with vegetarians. I even got the speech one time about "Do you know what animal your eating?" to which I replied "Yes, I do and it taste GOOD, dammit".

Look, I have a pretty open mind and I'm very tolerable of other folks lifestyles, even though I may not agree with it or I may not do it myself. I've been that way since I was a child. I have the mindset of "do you and I'll do me"....but I LOATHE folks who try to do the Guilt thing with me. I mean, what's up with that shit? I mean, I appreciate you lookin' out and I'll even listen to it..but GOTDAMN!! Just know when, where and HOW to do and say certain shit.....ESPECIALLY about somebodies damn food. You don't fuck with folks food, family or MONEY. That shit'll get you CUT.