Jul 6, 2009

From Bad Boy to Islam, Boy!

DAMN!!! I was WONDERING what happened to this dude. He came and went so damn FAST!!!

So, that makes 2 of Diddy's rappers that found religion. What he hell is Diddy DOING over @ Bad Boy?! He can't seem to keep nobody for more than 2 fuckin' albums!!!


  1. it's just like when the brothas go to prison and then become Muslim. they go in as Tyrone and come home talking about their name is now Mustafa. Diddy ain't no joke! he got brothas converting because he is probably slave driving they asses. lol

  2. @ Xirus: I guess the music business has that effect on me now. Hell, 2 former Prince Proteges are Christians now (Sheila E. and Vanity). I guess the music industry and all it's folks will scare or work the HELL outta you.


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