Jul 21, 2009

He's Sorry...AGAIN.

In February, We got how sorry and saddened he was. Recently, we’ve gotten this.

Now, I’ve never blogged about this situation when it first happened because I never had to. Everybody was doin’ it left and right for me. I’ve just stated my views on blog comments and on you tube video’s about this and that was it. Needless to say, I’ve gotten a lot of shit about my views on men hitting women and women hitting men, MOSTLY from females (and males) who have been abused, seen it and are still bitter about it and from people who are over 30 that have never heard of either Chris or Rihanna until this shit hit the media. It’s my belief that neither of them should hit each other because I was brought up that way.

Now, I have to say that whether what was said in the video was read off a teleprompter or not, I really think Chris is truly remorseful about what he did and he wishes he could take it all back. I give dude props for even apologizing publicly because he really doesn’t owe the public an apology for ANYTHING. He owes it to Rihanna and that’s it. It’s obvious that she BEEN forgave him because the both of them are still friendly. If it was ME, I woulda just did my time and that was it. Hell, you ain’t see Mike Tyson tell how sorry he was for whopping’ Robin Givens ass and James Brown never said how sorry he was for slappin’ females left and right. Hell, Jay-Z has yet to apologize for THIS shit.

Now, in no way am I condoning domestic violence. I hate it and I’ve seen it first hand myself, not in my household but from people I know. I’m just sayin’ that even if you can’t forgive the ACT, we should at LEAST forgive the person. People change, right? So, Chris and Rihanna, if you’re reading this, I wish you both much success, not stress and lot’s of happiness. Just do what you’re supposed to do and entertain the masses with your singing, dancing and acting. This whole thing will be an after thought very soon. I also Challenge us as a people to stop putting entertainers on Pedestals so when they fuck up in the heat of the moment, we're not so shocked about it. For Christ sake, they are HUMANS, NOT FUCKIN' ROBOTS!!! They're humans with a lot of money (well..some of them have a lot of money) and they do stupid shit like those of us who ain't famous. The difference is, they're constantly documented in the media and half the time, it's to crucify them and sabatoge their careers. Sure, we can say "they should think before they act" and that they should....but shouldn't WE?

Now, if Chris does this AGAIN, he can kiss his career goodbye.