Jul 24, 2009

The Highest Level of Pissivity.

If you've been reading my blogs regularly, you know how I feel about bathrooms that ain't the one I have in my house. I HATE them. Even down my families house, I won't go to their bathrooms unless I'm desperate to high hell no matter HOW bad I have to go. I've been that way since I was a kid. So, today, at work, I was desperate to high hell after Lunch. I tried not to eat so much but hell, breakfast wore off from this morning. Not to mention all the snacks I had during the course of the day. Keep in mind, I've been to this bathroom before and it was TERRIBLE. I've vowed never to go back in there EVER but today, I saw the janitors go in there and clean it. I went RIGHT in after him and I'm like "Maybe it won't be so bad". WRONG. I open the door and it was like a million years of piss and shit that have been saturated on the toilets, the walls and EVERYTHING hit me in the face. I damn near fainted and went to glory first class. I told the janitor "Whatever y'all usin' to clean these bathrooms ain't workin'." He then said "Tell that to the cheap ass administration". Needless to say, I held it till I got home 5 hours later and damn near broke the door down getting in. All My Mother could do was shake my head at the sight of her 6'2 140lb child running into the house and up to the bathroom with his book bag on his back. It's a shame I can't find a clean bathroom anywhere in this city but my house...and a few friends and family members. I don't know why I expected such anyway.