Jul 3, 2009


In the recent months, I've been seeing so much displays of public almost-Fucking that it's not even funny. It almost always happens when I'm going through a drought of some sort but I digress.

On June 25th, 2009, I went out with my Mother to run some errands when she was off work. I got some shit for me, too. Hell, I needed it and I deserved it. Anyway, We sat down to get something to eat in the food court of this place Called "The Gallery". It's the hot shopping spot in Philly and most of the young kids go there, mainly when they cut school. Needless to say, it was right around the time school was letting out, so we tried to get outta there as quick as possible because it's always some shit goin' down in there. The stuff you would see would make a damn BLIND man shake his head. Anyway, I'm sitting down eating the food I got from Burger king and 2 girls (one of which actually looked like a dude) were in line to the KFC place right next door to the burger. Why did this girl slip her hand down the other girls pants and get a feel of the pussy....IN PUBLIC? She had her hand their for at LEAST 2 minutes and you could see her rubbing.

Now, my Mother saw everything, as did I, and she said "DAMN!!! She all in the crack of her ass!! Don't nobody wanna see that shit"...and she said it LOUD, too. Everybody was lookin' at us. I was "Ma, shut up!!" She was like "Why I gotta shut up? They should wait until they get home to do that shit!!". By this time, they lookin' @ us and you can tell they felt some type of way they got called out. Needless to say, they ain't say nothin' because they woulda got a Mother/Son ass whoopin' had they did. I woulda took the manly looking one and Mama woulda took the Woman looking one. They left and I just looked @ my Mama and shook my head. She was like "What? they wanted to say somethin'? I wish that heffa would". I SWEAR I love my Mama...but I can't take her NO WHERE.

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