Jul 6, 2009

What's in a name?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet world, I come to you in a spirit of just pure amazement.

As the tittle suggest, this blog is about names. Lately, I've noticed that people having children recently have been trying to come up with some creative names for their children. Come to think of it, this is nothing new considering some of the names our Grandparents and Parents have. But these days? The names of our children are becoming more ridiculous with every baby that pops out the birth canal. I understand that parents want their children to have their own uniqueness and their own identity but the lengths that they go to I simply cannot FATHOM! I simply feel sorry for any child with a name that sounds like silverware or that sounds like some shit that you catch after you get burnt while just finishing a one night stand. This is coming from somebody who considered naming their Daughters Shaniquah and Ashinkashay (I told my Mother that Ashinkashay name as a joke to see what she'd say. She told me she kick the Holy Hell outta me if I did that). I've since grown up from that way of immature thinking. I won't get into some of the Crazy names that I've heard in my lifetime but I think you can understand where I'm coming from.

I challenge all the parents of Today to STOP THE MADNESS! I mean, you hear a child's name and the first thing that you think of is STRIPPER. Black folks have always been creative with our names. It's just in our nature..but I feel that we just go TOO damn far. At LEAST let it be a name that a teacher can pronounce, remember and SPELL. Stop it with all these damn fake ass African names and Assalamu Fakekum names. It will save a child much embarrassment on the School yard and on the job. YA DIG ME?

Amazement Rambling completed.


  1. LOL. I'm so thankful for my wisely chosen gov name. I've heard some doozies...like Cafeteria...yes, you read it right. Too many to list but you know how it is. Give your child a chance in life is what I always say...hehe

  2. @ Curvy: Baby...the damn names I could tell you. You have to wonder what the fuck these parents were drugged up with. It's not like this foolishness is new, either. Just think about some of the names our grandparents and Great-grandparents had.

  3. here in louisville, ky there is an event called Thunder Over Louisville. it is a big event to kick off the Kentucky Derby. well, 1 year this sista goes into labor while walking to the festivities. she has the baby and is beaming like some new headlights when she is asked, "So what did you name your daughter?" she blasts out, "Thundasia!(thun-day-see-ah)" at that moment, you could actually hear a collective gasp of horror from most intelligent, literate people of color. it is still talked about to this day. still SMH!

  4. @ Xirus: Thundasia, though?! DA FUCK? I don't even wanna know. I really don't. I probably woulda fell the fuck out from laughing or been cussin' up a storm. I feel for that Baby, though. She gonna get TORTURED on the gotdamn school yard.

  5. GET READY FOR THIS! BRACE YOURSELF! the mother went on to say, "I will call her Lil Thunda! for short, in honor of Thunda Ova Louisville!" I am not making this up!

    i still become angry when i think of the representation of people of color during one of our city's world wide acknowledged events. :-(

  6. " the mother went on to say, "I will call her Lil Thunda! for short, in honor of Thunda Ova Louisville!"<------------ Fell the fuck OUT!!


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