Jul 3, 2009

Poppin' The Cherry.

Time to De-Virgitize my blogspot page.

So, I was over on wordpress for a minute and it just wasn't do it for me no more. I couldn't do everything that I wanted to do with a page over there. So, Here I am. If you've followed my blogging from wordpress to HERE, nothing will change. Still the same shit...just a different page.

Let's MAKE IT!


  1. welcome to Blogger. this is a hellava better blogging platform than Wordpress. it is a lot less of a hassle to embed content. i am sure you will enjoy this whole lot more. again, welcome and enjoy. :-) monte

  2. @ Xirus: I'm lovin' it over here already..and I'm kickin' myself in the ASS for not gettin' over here sooner.

  3. once you make yourself at home, there are many custom Blogger templates that are free for use. try not to lose your mind with the interior decorating. LOL


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