Jul 4, 2009

Rambling: So smart you're a dumb ass.

I swear, The longer Live, the more I'm amused by some folks. I really am. I'm more amused by the folks who think they know every damn thing. The tripper is, they take folks not arguing with them or folks just being silent as evidence that they "shut it down". While that may be the case SOMETIMES, other times it's just that in their minds they figure "I'm not gonna argue with this dumb ass because it's no use". You can't argue with anybody who thinks they know everything and quite honestly, it's very taxing & it's waste of good energy that you could be using doing something USEFUL. Arguing with a dumb ass is like having sex without bustin' a nut. It's a waste of fuckin' time and it will make you mad at yourself for waisting your fuckin' time.

It's hard as hell NOT to sometimes but it's really not. Just don't say shit and let them look like an asshole from afar. You probably won't be the only one who thinks what you think about them. They'll figure it out once nobody wants to be around their ass. Still, they make for good entertainment. Sometimes you need a laugh..and Lord knows, I need all the ones I can get. They say laughing makes you live longer. I'm trying to live as long as I POSSIBLY can.


Speak your PEACE (yeah, I MEANT to say it like that). Anything else spoken will get dealt with accordingly. Try me if you want to.