Jul 18, 2009

Such a Gamble.

I'm the kind of person who will try to understand something that I don't if it really strokes my interest. So, maybe somebody could explain to me that attraction to gambling. I've heard all the reasons as to why one would do it but the biggest one I've heard would be the Thrill is in the risk taking. I've been to the casinos a few times in my life and, while the scene was fun, I actually didn't really like it much. I won some money (Won't tell you how much because it ain't none of ya damn business) but I didn't really enjoy it too much. I mean, I enjoyed it but it was kinda like "This is IT?!". People have hyped up casinos so much that I was expecting it to be the greatest thing since your first orgasm.

I've seen folks loose house and marriages over ones gambling. It's like a DRUG. Once you start, you can't stop without some serious will power and maybe a class. Then again, there are the ones who just do it for fun and they know their limits. Don't even get me started on the lottery players. Yup, I know those, too. Got plenty of em' in my family. They'll take their LAST cent and go play the numbers. The most I do are the Scratch offs and I don't even do those often. I was taught that gambling lives up to it's name. You gamble the chance that you loose and you gamble the chance that you'll win. I'm more about SURE money. When I go to work and get paid, I'm SURE I'm gonna get that shit in my bank account and I can work with that.

So, whats your take on Gambling? Do you do it? HAVE you done it? You know people who do or have done it? Talk to me, Good people.