Jul 4, 2009

Tatted to the highest level of fuckery.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have no problem with folks that have multiple tattoo's. I happen to think they are beautiful. But the thing is, as with all things, not everybody can pull it off, especially those of us who have a dark complexion. Even if we WERE to get multiple Tattoo's all over, there are certain ones that would not fit our features. And that's not just with Dark people. It's with people who are white, brown, Purple, green and RED. Case in point:

This THING (From the comments I've read on this picture, its a woman) decided to get Baby Phat tattooed on her ass with strawberries on each cheek. While the CONCEPT may have been sexy and the picture of the ass she might saw this on mighta been a pleasure to look at, she decided that "If THAT heffa can do it, I can too". NOOOOOO, BOOOO!!!

If I have to be my last amount of money, she probably didn't tell nobody she was doing this and wanted to surprise her man..or her WOMAN. Hell, for all we know, they other party probably ENJOYED the shit. At least she had that good sense to make sure it was at a place where the sun don't shine or set. For THAT I give her credit. Now, those of us who have tattoo's know that the healing process is a BITCH and it itches like HELL. Imagine having a tattoo of THIS magnitude of fuckery on your ass. Enough said....but hey, GOD BLESS HER.

Another thing, if you gonna at LEAST get a tattoo, at LEAST make sure the shit LOOKS professional. That shit looks like it was done by an amateur...or maybe it was the Cigarette burns and ass acne on her ass cheeks that made it look like that? Iono.


  1. If your gonna tattoo your ass, then your ass has to look tight. If your ass is saggy, flabby, and full of zits and pimples adding a tattoo only makes you look raunchy!!! It's like putting deodorant on without taking a shower. Your anti perspirant only makes your funk smell worse!

  2. @ Doug: Say that shit AGAIN with a fuckin' bullhorn!!

  3. Um, how about fuck up the person who took the picture and whomever leaked it to the net.

    After seeing this pic...I don't feel so good. lol

  4. @ Kweeni: I'm down...and SOWWY FOR MAKIN' YOU SICK!

  5. This is some serious fuckery!!!

    I'm just glad it's not one of the brothers doing a serious stretch. But I'll say this, it doesn't really matter, you can't polish a turd. That ass was fucked up from the start. The best thing that she could do is just cover it up and call it a day.

  6. @ Reggie: "The best thing that she could do is just cover it up and call it a day."



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