Aug 1, 2009


So, I just came back in the house from running around and while I was out, I saw the Girl I lost my virginity to. I was in the Dollar store and I felt somebody tap me on my shoulder and I turn around and it was HER. I swear to you, I damn near FAINTED. This was a girl who lived around me and she used to come around the block a lot. She has a kid now and she moved down south some years ago. She was up here for a family reunion. She still looks the same and she's still ACTS the same. Has the same pretty smile and has that candid sense of humor that made me love her. I seriously think she coulda been Girlfriend number one but circumstances stopped that. There were many relations after her but she set the bar and while the ones after her came CLOSE, they never were better. All I could here after she left was this song in my head.

What can I say? She had that effect on me and that song was NOTHING farther from the truth. While she wasn't my first CRUSH, she WAS, in a way, the best Girlfriend I NEVER had.