Aug 5, 2009

Tickled Pink? NEVA DAT!

Saturday ,as Me and my Mother were washing clothes in the Laundromat (Our Washing Machine is broke again. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!), we were going through the usual process of the folding up and all that. Somebody in the Laundromat was impressed with the colors of clothing that I have. Don’t ask why but she just was. I have various colors of Shirts, pants, drawls (when I decided to wear them), socks and all that. I have to because I’m dark-skinned and I need to have some light to me so folks can see my black ass, especially when it’s dark out. So, The lady who was impressed with the colors said “Do you wear pink?” and I was about to answer her but my Mother beat me to it and said “Oh, NOOO!! He HATES pink”. The lady was somewhat shocked and said “You’d look nice in it”. I thanked her and went on to say that Pink is not a color that I’d wear…EVER. She then asked me why and I just said “It’s just not my color. Nothing against it but I don’t like to wear it”.

I’ve been that way since I was a kid. I’ve NEVER liked the color pink. I see guys wear it and I think it looks nice on them and I know I’d probably could pull it off. It’s has nothing to do with the “Pink is for girls” mindset that many guys have. I really can’t give you an answer as to WHY I don’t like to wear the color. I just DON’T. I remember when I was getting ready for my prom and I got my Prom date at the last minute (2 weeks before the prom, to be exact). I was gonna go by myself and so was the girl I was going with and I just made a joke saying “Well, we should just go together since we goin’ by ourselves” and she was like “Yeah, that’d be HOT”. The next day, I found out she WASN’T joking and she asked me what colors I wanted to wear. I said “Any Color but pink”. You think this heffa listened? Her Mama called My Mama and told her everything the both of us was planning to wear and low and behold, the heffa got a pink dress and wanted me to get some pink to match her. I was gonna wear White and she said “Maybe if he can get a pink tie to match or a pink shirt” and my Mother said “No, Baby. My Child don’t do pink”. She found on on the prom night that I shall NOT be moved..but we still looked nice nonetheless.

So, what about y’all? Is there any color that you wouldn’t be caught DEAD in?