Jan 29, 2010

The High Road Has Been Closed.

The High Road. We've all been told to take it ever since we were children, I'm sure. It's been drilled in my head ever since I was a child by my Grandmother ever since I was a child and more so, in my head NOW as an adult by my Mother. Hell, they really didn't need to tell me to take it because I'm good for it and always haven been. So much so that at times, even though it's been very RARE, that somebody had to BEG me to take the low road when it was MUCH needed. As a Christian, it's my job to take it. But I'ma be honest, taking the high road is VERY overrated at times. I mean, I didn't ALWAYS take it because there HAVE been times when I was caught on those "days" by some unsuspecting fool who was thinking "Oh, well, he won't say/do shit if I do THIS act of assholeness" and they were very surprised when they found out that I was taking a detour in my spirit that day. I'm sure many of you know this, but some people just don't understand it when your nice. They only understand it when you act like a jackass and they respond to that. It's a damn shame but hell, sometimes that's what it takes to get results in the world.

I just don't understand WHY, though. WHY do you have to act a fool to get results? You'd think that SOME folks would just get the message when you FIRMLY but NICELY tell them the first time "Don't fuck with me today". Why must we gotta go upside folks heads and cuss em' out? I'm not talking about KIDS. I'm talkin' bout so-called GROWN folks. I mean, it's ridiculous. I'll never understand it.

Anyway, Rambling done.