Feb 22, 2010


OK. I've been a bachelor for all of my 23 years on earth but I'd like to think that if I ever, God forbid, got into a relationship with a woman and if she ever decided that she didn't wanna be with me anymore (for whatever reason) or if I got cheated on, I'd just move the fuck on. Sure, I'd be pissed and probably cuss, fuss and do the usual shit folks do when they are hurt but with time, I'd like to think that I'd get over it. After a while, they'll probably see that the grass ain't greener on the other side and they'll realize they made a mistake by leaving a good man but by then, I'll be long gone. So, I never really understood the lengths folks go to to be with someone who DOESN'T wanna be with them. It really baffles me. Case in point, THIS woman:

Now, while I can understand her being angry that she got played (Somewhat since she took somebody's man), I'm just baffled by the idea that SHE thinks that he's gonna change his mind if she takes away the most precious thing in that mans life: The activity of his limbs. But it's kinda funny. I'll give dude his props for standing his ground, tho...even if it's only a 1 legged stance.