Mar 23, 2010

When The Sun Comes Out, So Does The Ash.

In the recent weeks of the weather becoming summer like, we already know what to expect. You will be seeing less and less clothing on people and, frankly, to some of us, it's not surprising, although sometimes you can help if wonder if certain folks looked in the mirror before they left and if they DID, are their elevators still at dungeon level to think that some of the clothes (or lack thereof) are "tasteful". While the clothes make my mouth drop on a VERY rare occasion, it's the Ashyness of some folks that make me laugh, cry and shake my head at them. Those of you who have read this blog before know how I feel about ashyness. So, when I see an ashy ass person, it just me think WTF?! It especially makes me mad to see a womans ashy ass crack staring me in the face with their Hip Hugger's. That's a turn off for me. If your ass is ashy, ain't no tellin' how your vagina is.

I actually have to sit and wonder when did waking around with your ass out while it looks like it just dined on some white powdered donuts become SEXY? Did I mess the Memo?! How do some folks do it? Maybe it's just Me, but Ash ITCHES. It makes me scratch like a CRACK HEAD! But then again, we live in a time where damn near anything goes. Maybe I need to get with the program.