Apr 7, 2010

No Time for Fake ones.

Can somebody PLEASE explain to me the purpose of Faking Orgasms? I mean, I just don't get it. I get WHY folks DO it (Yes, Ladies, Guys fake em', too...just like Y'ALL), but I'm of the mindset that you don't get what you don't deserve. Now, ME, I've never faked one. I just made it happen FASTER because the chick I was screwin' was stiff as a damn bored. Just LAID there. Didn't even grin. I got mine before her, she got mad because she was "almost there" and I said that I "Just left there" and BOUNCED. Never saw her again. The second time was with somebody else but her Mother was on her way home and I had to jet. Other than that, If I don't feel it and it's Taking me TOO damn long to get there, I'll pull out and leave.

So, tell me, y'all: #1. WHY FAKE IT?! #2. Have you faked it?

Apr 6, 2010

Rambling: ITS CHOKING!

If you've been reading my posts long enough, you'll know that I'm a breast man unapologetic ally. I always have been since as far as I can remember. It's one of the many fetishes that I have. So, When I see a woman that has shirt on that's SO tight that it looks like her tits are suffocating. I understand that logic that women have that if you wear it tight enough, A Dude will look...and dammit, we DO, but if you're anything like me, Shirts that look like your tits have a wedgie is a BIG problem. The same thing that goes with the Pussy tight pants and shorts that many you look like your 2 steps away from having a Yeast infection in your ass crack. I just SERIOUSLY wanna walk up to some of these females and ask them "Baby, can your tits breathe?"...or can THEY breathe? Hell, I loose my breathe at the SIGHT of that stuff and I'm not PACKIN' a pair of tits. I just don't know HOW they are able to damned do it!! It makes me CRY for the Mammeries. It really does. But hey, God bless em'.