May 12, 2010

What would YOU do?

Many times in my 23 years of life, I've witnessed the act of breastfeeding. Most of the times, it's been kinda involuntarily, but I've never minded most times. After all, I'm the residential breast man round this piece. Anyway, I've seen this practiced in front of my very eyes and I've always heard that there are certain places that you should NOT just pull the Titty out and feed it to the baby all willy nilly. Now, I've never agreed with that until I saw somebody do it at church. Yes, at CHURCH. I was sittin' on the Choir stand and in the middle of the sermon, saw some chick just pull the tit out and shove it in the babies mouth like it was no problem. Hell, I say, do YOU....but that was a lil much. That's what the restrooms is for. But I just gotta ask...What do you SAY to a woman who does this in public? I mean, do you walk up and say "You shouldn't do that HERE" or "nobody wants to see your tit"...which WOULD kinda be a lie but I digress.

So, tell me see a females breast feeding in public, what do you do? What HAVE you done? and to the ladies that HAVE breastfed or who ARE there some kinda "Breast Feeding" protocol that you should follow?