Nov 27, 2010

Headphones = Leave me the Fuck alone!

Salutations, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet.

I blog before you hoping that your Holiday was a blessed one and that it was wonderfully spent. I also blog before you to get something off my chest that has been bothering me for years now and to see if I'm the only one who feels this way. Now, it seems that folks have not gotten the memo that a person with headphones on minding their own business is not to be disturbed by anyone or they suffer dire consequences of "Cussyoassout". Either they didn't get the memo or they just don't give a damn and they're being the ignorant. Either way, I HATE it, I despise it, and loathe that shit with a passion. Those of you who know me know that I NEVER leave my house without my iPod. I purposefully buy certain types of headphones that I KNOW will block out folks and their Fucktational doings outside in the street. Hell, I get em' so I can block it out in the house, too, but that's another story. Seriously, though, it goes through me like stewed prunes when I'm on a Musical Journey in my head with me, my imagination, the song of the moment and my headphones to be disturbed by folks and their bullshit. I'll forgive it if it's a life threatening emergency but if it AIN'T, I wish you'd have the decency to leave me the fuck alone until I'm done, whenever THAT is. Write it down, take a picture if you have to remember whatever it is you want, I really don't care but BACK THE FUCK UP.

I don't like that shit when I'm watching T.V, either. If I'm deep into a show, don't come in the room talkin' to me (or anybody else) for that matter all loud and shit. Now, usually, I'll just block you out. I've mastered the art of selective hearing as a child when I'm either deep in though, deep into my Music or deep into a Show on T.V. and I still practice it to this day. It's gotten me slapped a few times, too, by my Mother and a few others but shit, I can't help it. Now, some days are harder than others and I'll tell you, if I CAN, in anyway possible to either shut that bullshit up or go somewhere else where you won't disturb ME. It's very ignorant, rude and disrespectful. Let somebody do that to THEIR dumb asses and they'll have a whole lot of shit to say. Hell, some of Y'ALL might do this same shit to people, too. I'm asking you to STOP that shit. For real. In the Words of my Mother "If you or anybody else ain't dyin', don't call me for SHIT". And I MEAN that. Failure to take heed of those directions will get met with a few Choice cuss words (some you've heard of and some you haven't) and/or the "No the fuck you didn't" look. Get it together, people!!