Jul 12, 2011

My Musicality doesn't understand yours.

Those of you who have been following me for a minute know that I'm a Self proclaimed music Junkie. I don't Just listen to it, I sing it, I study it and I play it (well, not on the level I want to, but hell, it's something)...hell, it's in me. I can make most of anything into a musical conversation. I take pride in my musical knowledge and the fact that I was educated by the best of the best. I was raised around musicians, Choir Directors, singers..all of that. Every piece of musical knowledge that I've gained in my 24 years of life, even in the womb, sticks with me and will until the day I die. I was taught how to do it RIGHT..and in a way, I still AM being taught how to do it right. I was not cut any slack. My teachers were (and ARE) ruthless and made sure you understood music and the power it has and how it should be done, how it should sound, etc. They made you do your research. With me, that wasn't too hard because I was way ahead of them most times.

I say all of the aforementioned to say that I don't understand many of the music that's out now. I'll never say that it's not REAL music. I can appreciate all types and every body's talent. I'll just say I don't understand it. Without saying any names, I'll just say that most of what is considered "hot shit" these days, I just can't get with it. It takes more than just a catchy hook and a Bangin' beat to give me a Musical erection. Although it's nice to HAVE those, I look for more than that. I don't like "Rappers", I like LYRICISTS. Y'all music heads know the difference between the 2. I'm sure you've heard some of the stuff that's considered "Hip-Hop" and "R&B" these days.

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten into debates with some people about this. They'll call me all types of "Old Souls", Musical Prudes and everything else. Another word that I've been called is a word that needs to be retired quickly: HATER! So, I'm a hater because I expect more? Not so. Quite the Contrary. I'm just not easily musically aroused as some of my counterparts. Shoot, even in some of my Choir Rehearsals (I'm one of the Directors and The Minster of Music is teaching me piano...again), I'm looked at as a Pompous asshole because I will NOT accept just ANYTHING from them. You do it right the first time or go home...and I'll be quick to tell you (mostly with a Stank face) if it's not to my liking. I use the term all the time with people "It's not ROCKET SCIENCE, IT'S MUSIC!".

Then I have to remember, not everybody was educated like I was...and for some, they don't WANNA be. They're used to the Dumbing down of music that's out now and it arouses them musically or they're used to their musical ignorance and they're stuck. I can't do anything about that. I just pity them and pray they'll be shown the light or Grow UP...and when they do, I'll welcome them with open arms. Until then, I'll just be a Musical prude and by my DAMN self.

Jun 21, 2011

Question: SHOULD they put a ring on it?

Waddup, Folks?

Yeah, I decided to blog today after God knows HOW long. It won't be no long one. Just quick and to the point. I've heard this question asked many times in my lifetime and have heard some VERY interesting answers. I wanna see what y'all readers have to say.

So, the Question is: Would you be mad if your spouse doesn't always wear their rings?

Get on it!

Feb 11, 2011


Salutations, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet.

Many of you who've read my blogs for a long time now or who have seen my Tweets on Twitter know how much of an obsession I have with my iPod touch...or should I say, I HAD. Yup. It's gone. LONG gone...and has been since December. Lost it while at Church one Sunday morning. I had it in my pocket (Which I don't USUALLY keep it in but I just stuffed it in there because I was rushing to the Choir stand) all that day. I Got home, was too tired to take it out and went to sleep for the night. We had a Concert that day. So, the next morning, I go in my suit pants pocket to get it and Charge it. Wasn't there, OK, cool. Went to the coat pocket, wasn't in there, either. So, now my heart is beating out my Chest. I damn near turned the house inside out, upside down and every which way but loose trying to find the damn thing but NOTHING. Even after I calmed myself down, I looked EVERYWHERE for it. After I finally came to grips with the fact that it wasn't in the house, I called my Grandfather, who works down at the Church, and said "Pop, I lost my iPod in Church. Did you happen to see it anywhere"?. He said "Nope. But I'll look again". I called my Auntie who I rode with that day and asked her to check her car and she said she would. I'm pretty sure she DIDN'T cause she's like that. Went down to Rehearsal later on that week, retraced my steps....NOTHING. So, I just basically gave up all hope of getting it back.

I'm pretty sure one of those Thievin' niggums at the Church got it. There's been reports of A LOT of shit disappearing from the Sanctuary from Jackets to Choir Robes. I've been using the mp3 player on my phone at the moment until (by God's grace) I find the iPod touch I lost or get enough money to get a new one. I used the damn thing for EVERYTHING from emailing, Tweeting to listening to music. But I don't think nobody will be able to get in the email accounts because they don't know the passwords. Don't think I ain't change em', though. Livid doesn't even BEGIN to describe the emotions I felt. But now, I'm cool. I'm still a little pissed because I'm pretty sure whoever found it KNOWS me and KNOWS it's mine because they saw me with it all the damn time. Oh, well. Maybe next time, I'll just lock the damn thing on me. Lesson Learned.